A New Word

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Bob Owens over at Confederate Yankee has just hit one million visitors. Congratulations, Bob! He's also used the occasion to coin a new word. Blegburst.

Put simply, a blegburst is when you beg for money or some other sort of assistance online, and other bloggers link your plea. And the coolest thing is this: as blegbursts are brand page-spanking new, you can participate in the very first one.

Isn't that exciting?

Wow! What do I need to do to participate?

It's actually quite simple. Simply link this post in one of your own blog posts. It really is that simple.

Bob's in rather dire need of a new computer as his current one uses stone tablets instead of floppy disks. So if you can help him out, I'm sure he'll be very appreciative. And you get to be in on a first if you link him! A twofer!

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  1. Joab says:

    Wouldn’t “begburst” be more appropriate? Much easier to say too.

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