Australia Acts Unilaterally On NK Sanctions

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Captain Ed notes that the Australian government has slapped sanctions on North Korea unilaterally in the wake of the miniature madman of Pyongyang's latest misadventure.

The Australians have stepped up to the plate, as they always do when tyrants threaten global security, in the wake of the North Korean nuclear test. They didn't bother to wait for the UN Security Council to slap sanctions on the Kim Jong-Il regime, and told the UN that they had better snap to it themselves:

Australia will impose a range of measures on North Korea, including curtailing visas and supporting any U.N. sanctions, in response to the country's nuclear test, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said Tuesday. …

"We were urging our friends and allies in the United Nations to pass a resolution imposing sanctions," Downer told reporters.

Downer said the nuclear test had made the region less secure, and that North Korea had "humiliated" its biggest ally, China.

Australia has diplomatic relations with North Korea, restoring them six years ago after Pyongyang insisted that it would behave itself and stop making nuclear weapons. After this test, Australia considered ending the relationship again, but decided that having the North Korean ambassador in Canberra to scold was a better idea. Downer did just that yesterday, calling Chon Jae-hong to express Australia's displeasure at the latest lunacy from Dear Leader.

You have got to love those guys.

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