Odor In The Court!

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A judge in Blackpool, England demanded an apology from a defendant after the order of the court was disrupted by an odor in the court. It seems Joseph Wildy was sitting in the dock when he let fly a bit of flatulence. This made Wildy and his co-defendants giggle. The judge did not see the humor in the situation at all.

Joseph Wildy let rip and refused to apologise after he had a fit of the giggles with his co-defendants on Tuesday.

However, magistrate Simon Bridge, sitting in Blackpool, on the northwest coast of England, was not amused by his interruption. He found Wildy in contempt of court and ordered him to be locked up.

After cooling off in the cells, Wildy returned to court 90 minutes later and apologised to Bridge.

"He was laughing in court, that's why he was found in contempt," said a court spokeswoman.

"It was for interrupting the proceedings by laughing, and then refusing to apologise."

Something smells about that whole explanation.

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