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So Much For Mercy

Untitled document A Bulgarian women was convicted of murdering her sleeping son with a hoe. She was sent to prison for 15 years. After serving about 18 months of her sentence, authorities discovered she had end-stage terminal cancer which had spread … Continue reading

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Untitled document Thomas Sowell has a piece up at Real Clear Politics that is spot on. He discusses serious political discussion – and the lack thereof coming from all too many these days. Even when serious issues are addressed, they … Continue reading

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“Veils Take Power From Women”

Untitled document Says author Salman Rushdie about the ruckus being raised by Islamists over the words of British MP Jack Straw. The whole issue blew up when Straw said that he requested Muslim women remove their veils before speaking to … Continue reading

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What to do about North Korea

Untitled document David Frum write in the New York Times and suggests four steps that need to be taken to address the North Korean problem. He notes that the usual suspects are calling for the usual response: more negotiations. He … Continue reading

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Hot Cross Buns

Untitled document If you live in Madison, Wisconsin, some of the baked goods you buy from local bakeries may be hot. Not temperature-wise, mind you. Hot as in made with stolen goods. The bakery reported thefts of ingredients such as … Continue reading

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China Angry With Kim Jong Il?

Untitled document It very well may be that North Korea has alienated the last friend it had in the whole world this time. South Korean diplomats are reporting that China appears to be leaning toward backing strong sanctions against the … Continue reading

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Experts Not Sure About North Korean Test

Untitled document Experts are saying that the small yield of the North Korean nuclear test is a big surprise. They are at a bit of a loss to explain what exactly the North Korean explosion was. There is a possibility … Continue reading

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