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Barbara Streisand delivered an absolutely perfect example of the raging hypocrisy on the left these days. She was giving a concert and took a break from doing what people had paid to see her do – that is to sing – and went into a long-winded political "skit" with a George Bush impersonator. The skit apparently went on for 'way too long. Some people heckled. Babs took great exception to that.

Streisand effortlessly crooned through a select repertoire of the hits she's amassed during her four-decade-plus career. But night's most riveting moment came during what was perhaps the only unscripted _ and truly uncomfortable _ episode in the three-hour show.

There was Streisand, enduring a smattering of very loud jeers as she and "George Bush" _ a celebrity impersonator _ muddled through a skit that portrayed the president as a bumbling idiot.

Though most of the crowd offered polite applause during the slightly humorous routine, it got a bit too long, especially for a few in the audience who just wanted to hear Streisand sing like she had been doing for the past hour.

"Come on, be polite!" the well-known liberal implored during the sketch as she and "Bush" exchanged zingers. But one heckler wouldn't let up. And finally, Streisand let him have it.

"Shut the (expletive) up!" Streisand bellowed, drawing wild applause. "Shut up if you can't take a joke!"

With that one F-word, the jeers ended. And the message was delivered _ no one gets away with trying to upstage Barbra Streisand, especially not in her hometown.

Once the outburst (which Streisand later apologized for) was over, Streisand noted that "the artist's role is to disturb," and delivered a message of tolerance before launching into a serenely beautiful rendition of "Somewhere." That put the focus back on what the audience came for _ her voice, one of the greatest female instruments of her generation. (Emphasis added)

Contrast this behavior, if you will with the behavior of the budding young leftist stormtroopers at Columbia University. "They have no right to be able to speak here". It is perfectly acceptable to the left to shut down speech they disagree with. Try the same tactic on them and they tell you to "shut the (expletive) up". Then lecture you about tolerance. And the saddest thing is, they do not understand the irony of their actions. Or the rank hypocrisy.

(By the way, the heckler was out of line, but that's another discussion. So was Streisand, but again, that's another discussion).

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  1. Norman Rogers says:

    FYI — I was at the concert, but my wife decided it was time to leave about a minute after the GWB impersonator appeared on stage — so I missed the fun parts of the audience interaction.

    I had read about this part of the show and warned the missus, but she was still unprepared. And I was prepared to stay to lend my voice to the Bronx cheers (a NY tradition), but she wanted to remember Babs as a great artist (this was the first time she saw her live) — and not as an idiot.

    So I missed the fun. I wonder if anyone asked Babs to quote Shakespeare? Or why, with her 3-and-a half years of high school, she imagined herself to be the intellectual superior of our President? Or why she needed to imagine it?

    Want my critcal review? Babs is 64 and while she retains and exhibits prodigious talent, she doesn’t have the voice she had. Her phrasing and timing and pitch are all still perfect, but at least early on, she was “singing in her throat”. She has lost some range and I think some of the songs were in a lower key than her recordings. And she avoided the more challenging songs from her repetoire (no comparisons between her and Betty Buckley at this concert, please).

    And, she doesn’t appear to have trained anything other than her voice for this concert tour. Now, few of us in our sixties have silouettes similar to ourselves in our twenties — but, BUT, given her wealth and schedule she could have and should have hit the gym and locked the fridge in preparation for these shows. It probably would have helped her singing, too.

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