Will PETA Change Its Name?

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I mean it's the only logical thing to do now that they are stamping their feet again – or still – over the theme park promotion stunt that Six Flags is running for Halloween. I posted about it earlier here and about PETA's earlier hissy fit here. The idea is that if someone eats a live Madagascar hissing cockroach, they get unlimited line-jumping privileges during the Halloween promotion. There's also an attempt to break the work record (that one uses cooked cockroaches, I believe). But PETA is peevish.

Theme park operator Six Flags Inc, based in New York, is staging the contest as part of a promotion leading up to Halloween in which it is also offering customers free entry or line-jumping advantages if they eat a live Madagascar hissing cockroach.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said it had been flooded with calls from children, adults and even anonymous employees of Six Flags opposing the record-breaking contest and the overall promotion.

"Insects do not deserve to be eaten alive especially for a gratuitous marketing gimmick," PETA spokeswoman Jackie Vergerio told Reuters.

The competition to beat the world cockroach eating record is being held on Friday at a Six Flags park in Gurnee, Illinois. Anyone who beats the record will win a season pass for four people for 2007 with VIP queue-jumping status.

Competitors will try to break the current world record, which is held by Ken Edwards of Derbyshire, England, who devoured 36 Madagascar hissing cockroaches in one minute in 2001.

However Six Flags spokesman James Taylor said the only complaints the company had received were from people who did not have the opportunity to sign up and eat a cockroach because only 12 of its 30 parks in the United States, Canada, and Mexico were participating in the promotion.

I think People for the Ethical Treatment of Vermin has a nice ring to it. But PETA has achieved cartoon status one way or the other.

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