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It seems Columbia University has decided it has taken enough bad press over its Junior Jackboot Brigade™. They're mad as hell and they are going to bar any witnesses to their version of free speech. All outside visitors are being barred from attending a speech by two former terrorists and a former Nazi at Columbia. On very short notice, too.

Why, we wonder, at 4:45 in the afternoon, a mere 3:15 hours before Walid Shoebat and his panel were to speak to an audience at Columbia University, all of whom had RSVP'd to the Columbia University College Republicans who were sponsoring the talk, and received invitations from them to the event, has Jewelnel Davis, the advising officer to Student Governing Board groups at Columbia decided to rescind all of the invitations?

Can it possibly be that, having been severely embarrassed by last week's events – when radical leftists at Columbia were left free to act as thugs and attack the Minutemen – and the blogstorm it precipitated, resulting in severe, public criticism of Lee Bollinger, President of Columbia University, for his lack of initiative at solving the problem, this week they decided to solve the problem – at the last minute – by restricting their popular lecturer to Columbia students and 20 invited guests.

I guess it's more important to keep anyone from the outside seeing what happens at Columbia than to allow speech.

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  1. syn says:

    A couple of friends and I were enjoying a lite dinner before attending the lecture then we got the call from a fellow liberal hawk (aka post 9/11 liberals who have seen the light) just as we were leaving for the campus. We were lucky, some people who could not be reached in time had driven in from places Westchester and Boston. To think the RSVP deadline was Tuesday 5pm yet Columbia waits until 4:45 Wednesday to cancel those RSVPs. Wankers the lot of em!

    Columbia University: the mascot of cowards.

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