Japan Issues Tough Unilateral Sanctions

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Japan's government has joined the Australian government and slapped hard sanctions on North Korea. Japan is barring all North Korean vessels from its waters and instituting an almost total travel ban.

TOKYO (AFP) – Japan has approved new bilateral sanctions on North Korea including a complete ban on North Korean imports in response to its declared nuclear test.

Japan will also prohibit all North Korean ships from Japanese waters and will bar the entry of almost all North Korean nationals.

"To protect lives and the assets of the Japanese people, we cannot tolerate the actions taken by North Korea," Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told reporters, after a meeting of the government's security council.

"Considering the improving capability of North Korea's missiles and its nuclear capability, Japan is the country that is most affected by the actions of North Korea in terms of security," he said.

"Additional measures will be considered", if the United Nations approves a sanction resolution, Abe added.

One by one, those few nations that still had any dealings with North Korea are turning their backs on Kim. If the UN can step up and if China actually gets on board, Kim's days may well be numbered.

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