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Getting Out In Front?

Untitled document AJ Strata has a very, very interesting take on a revelation published in the Washington Post. In it, the reporters admit that the Foley scandal was being shopped around by Democratic party operatives since at least November, 2005. … Continue reading

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I Wish I Could Capture Screen Shots

Untitled document Before the AP changes this story! They report it completely straight for the first time I can recall. The Federal budget deficit has shrunk to the lowest level in four years due to surging tax revenues that far outpace … Continue reading

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Brace Yourselves

Untitled document If you thought the media was being manipulated by Islamists up until now, just wait until this kicks in. Greyhawk discusses a media campaign plan that has been posted on a jihadi website. It is calling for an … Continue reading

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The Democratization Of Intellectual Dementia

Untitled document Jonah Goldberg, writing over at Real Clear Politics has an analysis of the weirdly inflated hyperbolic paranoia which the "intellectual" elite has perpetrated on American politics. Take some minor occurrence, frame it in intellectual terms then select factoids … Continue reading

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Can They Fire Him Now?

Untitled document Kevin Barrett, the 9/11 conspiracy theorist that the University of Wisconsin – Madison chose to employ to teach a course is back in the news. This time he's comparing Bush to Hitler. In an essay to be published … Continue reading

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North Korea Threatens War With US

Untitled document Illustrating the insane logic of the twisted little man in charge of North Korea, the Rogue regime is threatening war against the US if the US steps up pressure on them. So, let's see, we need nukes to … Continue reading

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