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Political Correctness Gone Mad

Untitled document The Daily Mail reports an absolutely insane situation in Britain. This is so over the top, one seriously fears for the Brits. A schoolgirl was arrested and taken into custody for 3-1/2 hours because she asked to be … Continue reading

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Diana And Goliath

Untitled document Diana Irey continues her admittedly uphill battle against John Murtha in the PA-12 Congressional race. I admit, I'm biased here because I think Murtha is a disgrace to the office he holds and to the uniform he once … Continue reading

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Russia And China Will Not Back Tough Sanctions

Untitled document And the world is heading down a bad road. It may be sooner, it may be later, but we have collectively missed a big chance here. UNITED NATIONS (AP) – Russia and China on Thursday opposed tough sanctions … Continue reading

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Still More On The Lancet Study

Untitled document From Silvio Canto: Check this out Huge Iraqi death estimate sparks controversy: "Have over 650,000 people, or 2.5% of the population, really died in Iraq as a result of the US-led invasion? That's the conclusion of a study … Continue reading

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Woman Sues Postal Service Over Fruitcake

Untitled document 88 year old Lucille Greene had her lawsuit dismissed. She had sued the USPS over alleged fruitcake abuse and humor at her expense. In December 2002, Greene showed up at the Magnolia, Del., post office to mail fruitcakes … Continue reading

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South Park Skewers 9/11 “Truthers”

Untitled document Truthers skewer themselves even more. WuzzaDem harvests some "Truther Chat" and reveals the way in which Truthers react when someone giggles at them. What Could Be Funnier Than An Episode Of South Park That Makes Fun of 9/11 … Continue reading

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Eat Healthy? That Stuff Kills Camels!

Untitled document The food police keep saying that it's important to eat green leafy vegetables. Now, not everyone likes green leafy vegetables, but it's kind of hard to avoid it when your significant other insists you have to have a … Continue reading

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US Brings Treason Charge

Untitled document The American who has been helping make propaganda videos for al Qaeda, Adam Gadahn, has been charged with treason in the first such charge since the World War Two era. WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A California-born convert to Islam, … Continue reading

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Iraqi Response To Lancet “Study”

Untitled document Omar at Iraq The Model has a few things to say to the researchers who conducted the much discussed Lancet study purporting to show extremely high casualties in Iraq. He takes rather great exception to the entire study, … Continue reading

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Asymmetrical Common Sense

Untitled document Asymmetrical Information has a must read of the Lancet study that said there have been such enormously high casualties and gives some vital perspective. I agree that there are a lot of deaths. But I don't think that … Continue reading

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Elko Opens Branch Office

Untitled document The city of Elko, Nevada, home of the National Cowboy Festival and the National Basque Festival has opened a branch office in a new location. Out beyond the orbit of Mars. SALT LAKE CITY – Two Utah scientists … Continue reading

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Bovine Berserker Breaks Free

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard keep trying to warn the world about the nefarious schemes of the animal uprising. We brought you news earlier this year about the porcine berserker who was Taser-proof. (The pig also lawyered … Continue reading

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Dead Heat In NJ Senate Race

Untitled document The latest Quinnipiac University poll in the New Jersey Senate race shows a dead heat. Relative positions have reversed with Menendez now ahead, however both this and the last poll show the results are within the margin of … Continue reading

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Deal? What Deal?

Untitled document After leftists and striking teachers reached a tentative agreement to scale back protests in Oaxaca, Mexico, hard-line elements sabotaged the deal and escalated the violence. Some government workers had been returning to their offices and had been trying … Continue reading

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Warner Won’t Run

Untitled document Former Virginia governor Mark Warner will not seek the presidency in 2008. Warner scheduled a late morning news conference in Richmond to make the announcement. In a written statement, he said he made the decision after celebrating his … Continue reading

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