Eat Healthy? That Stuff Kills Camels!

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The food police keep saying that it's important to eat green leafy vegetables. Now, not everyone likes green leafy vegetables, but it's kind of hard to avoid it when your significant other insists you have to have a salad. Fortunately, we here at Blue Crab Boulevard are always on the lookout for good excuses to get our readers out of those healthy lifestyle issues. That why we brought you the excuse to use when you wanted to get out of exercising, "Sorry, honey. I can't go for a walk. The bears will eat me." Now we have a way to dodge that healthy salad!

"Are you trying to poison me?"

LIMA, Peru (Reuters) – Healthy eating has proved fatal for a group of camels donated to Peru by Morocco's King Mohammed.

Two camels died this week and another is sick after being fed a type of Peruvian lettuce that poisoned the animals with its high nitrate levels, initial tests showed on Thursday.

"The animal feeders thought that the lettuce would have lots of protein and that's why they gave it to them," said William Raffo, head of animal hygiene in Peru's desert coastal city of Ica, which has a climate similar to North Africa's Sahara.

Officials fear the other seven camels donated to Peru may have eaten the lettuce and could become ill.

"It seems like an epidemic," said Moroccan embassy official in Lima Abdelilah Nejjari.

It's that or, "That stuff kills you know!" Don't be really surprised if your significant other compares you to a camel, however. We provide the excuses, we make no claim that they actually work.

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