Elko Opens Branch Office

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The city of Elko, Nevada, home of the National Cowboy Festival and the National Basque Festival has opened a branch office in a new location.

Out beyond the orbit of Mars.

SALT LAKE CITY – Two Utah scientists who discovered an undocumented asteroid outside the orbit of Mars have won approval to name it for Elko, a Nevada town.

"It was discovered quite by accident," said Wiggins, NASA's solar system ambassador to Utah and northeastern Nevada.

The two spotted the asteroid on Nov. 2, 1999, and gave it the temporary name of UOFU03, for University of Utah object No. 3. The International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center in France quickly confirmed the discovery and earlier this year gave it a designation as the 80,180th numbered asteroid.

Wiggins earlier had submitted Holly Phaneuf's name, but the IAU refused, saying asteroids cannot be named for their discoverers. In August, it approved the new name — Elko, the Deseret Morning News reported.

We anxiously await the announcement of the National Basque Space Cowboy Festival. Entrants must supply own transportation.

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