Iraqi Response To Lancet “Study”

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Omar at Iraq The Model has a few things to say to the researchers who conducted the much discussed Lancet study purporting to show extremely high casualties in Iraq. He takes rather great exception to the entire study, the motivation for it and the people who conducted it.

They shamelessly made an auction of our blood, and it didn’t make a difference if the blood was shed by a bomb or a bullet or a heart attack because the bigger the count the more useful it becomes to attack this or that policy in a political race and the more useful it becomes in cheerleading for murderous tyrannical regimes.

When the statistics announced by hospitals and military here, or even by the UN, did not satisfy their lust for more deaths, they resorted to mathematics to get a fake number that satisfies their sadistic urges.

When I read the report I can only feel apathy and inhumanity from those who did the count towards the victims and towards our suffering as a whole. I can tell they were so pleased when the equations their twisted minds designed led to those numbers and nothing can convince me that they did their so called research out of compassion or care.

To me their motives are clear, all they want is to prove that our struggle for freedom was the wrong thing to do. And they shamelessly use lies to do this…when they did not find the death they wanted to see on the ground, they faked it on paper! They disgust me…

This fake research is an insult to every man, woman and child who lost their lives.
Behind every drop of blood is a noble story of sacrifice for a just cause that is struggling for living safe in freedom and prosperity.

Scientific? No, straight emotion. But from someone who is there and would have noticed if the body count had outstripped the rates of civilian deaths in the Second World War. The people supporting this study refuse to listen to the Iraqi officials who know what the deaths are rather than speculating with questionable methodology. They won't listen to Omar either. Or me, or Meaghan McArdle or anyone else. For their fundamental truthiness is set in stone.

(H/T to TC for reminding me to check what Omar had to say about this.)

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4 Responses to Iraqi Response To Lancet “Study”

  1. Bill Franklin says:

    What do the statistics compiled by the Iraqi Health Ministry say? What’s that? The Ministry was asked to stop counting deaths in Dember 2003?

    Ah well, then this is what you get when you try to silence the truth – Absurd speculation. And you complain out the bed you made… If only the truth was allowed to be told/tallyed in 2003 going forward.

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    Hey, Hockey Puck: here’s some truth: I was actually your employer; would you quit your gig for these hairshirt convictions of yours? Or keep taking my cash while “fighting the man” in your underwear, knowing EVERY DOLLAR PIMPING YOUR EXISTENCE was created from what you claim to be abhorrent?

    Gaius? This is all turning into a “Mind of Mencia” skit.

  3. Gaius says:

    I talked to my son today. He said the people arguing for those kind of casualty figures show their ignorance of how the war is actually being fought over there.

  4. Bill Franklin says:

    > I talked to my son today.

    I don’t understand why the US put pressure to stop tracking causalities and deaths of civilians back in 2003. Those statistics and others are how you measure progress and detect problems. Now this study comes out and you have no hard data to counter the assertions.

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