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Can’t Buy A Thrill

Untitled document Or a Senate seat, apparently. The New York Times is all but declaring Ned Lamont the loser in the Connecticut Senate race against Joe Lieberman. They report Lamont has just had to contribute another $2 million and that … Continue reading

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Why ID Should Be Required To Vote – Again

Untitled document Election officials from both the Republican and Democratic parties agree that at least 1,500 fraudulent voter registrations were turned in. These include underage voters and dead people. The culprit was the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, … Continue reading

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A Defense Of The Constitution

Untitled document California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has quietly, with no fanfare and almost no media attention, vetoed the attempted end around on the US constitution. The bill which had been passed by both chambers of the California legislature would have … Continue reading

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Gossip As History

Untitled document Victor Davis Hanson unloads on three "histories" of the war in Iraq. He rightfully points out that the books use a patina of historical scholarship in order to confuse the reader into thinking their gossip is fact. What … Continue reading

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North Korea Threatens Japan

Untitled document North Korea has promised unspecified "strong countermeasures" against Japan if sanctions are put in place as expected. Japan's cabinet is expected to approve the sanctions in a vote tomorrow. By banning all trade with North Korea, Japan is … Continue reading

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