Still More On The Lancet Study

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From Silvio Canto:

Check this out Huge Iraqi death estimate sparks controversy:

"Have over 650,000 people, or 2.5% of the population, really died in Iraq as a result of the US-led invasion?

That's the conclusion of a study published in The Lancet this week.

But the number has attracted criticism from other researchers who say the result is a major over-estimate, and may have been published for political reasons."

It goes on:

"With mid-term US elections due next month, Burnham's team is open to the same accusations.

Debarati Guha-Sapir, director of the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters in Brussels, says that Burnham's team have published "inflated" numbers that "discredit" the process of estimating death counts.

"Why are they doing this?" she asks. "It's because of the elections."

By all means drop over there and read. Or follow the link to Nature. The magazine article has some well respected authorities from around the world who do not believe the study is correct and do believe the study has a political intent. People are paying attention here.

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5 Responses to Still More On The Lancet Study

  1. Bill Franklin says:

    Even the British are getting in on the politics. The UK Senior Commander is saying the UK’s presence (and by logical extension, the US presence) is making things worse in Iraq, and making UK less safe:

    How do you think you convince the UK’s most senior military commander to make such an obvious politically motivated message?

  2. Gaius says:

    Yes, Bill. And what should we do now? Put Saddam back in power? Leave and sentence them to violent death? Because the death toll from a precipitous pullout will make the Holocaust look tame.

    I talked to my son today. He’s pretty well disgusted at the way the left has hamstrung the effort and he’s afraid he’s going to be back again for more later on. Only it will be much worse then.

  3. Bill? Shut up and send me flowers. The Luddite wins!

  4. syn says:

    Omar from “Iraq the Model” was correct when he responded to the study; it is nasty the manner in which Iraqi deaths are used as a political tool by the Left as a means to destroy Iraq’s liberation.

    I met two of the brothers from Iraq the Model in 2004 and their desire to live in a civilized, democratic society will always remain as my reason to never give up on Iraq.

    The fear that the brothers spoke of when they lived under Saddam was so alien and horrifying to me yet I could feel their heart’s desire to live in a free society. In their broken English they were able to communicate the meaning of Liberty that most all of the collective Left whose native language is English will never understand.

    I too am disgusted by the Left, those who have pounded upon Iraq with their vicious collective and racist ideology, those who work actively to undermine Iraq’s progress by issuing overhyped lies, those who have all the freedom this collective heartless desires while denying such human rights to others.

  5. Bill Franklin says:

    You’re asking me what we should do now, when I would have never opened Pandoras box? Curious..ok. I would, with great positive fanfare, say we accomplished our mission of removing dictator Saddam and have instituted a Democracy in Iraq, where the people of Iraq voted for leaders. Now, much like the United States during it’s first 100 years, Iraq faces an internal conflict that it needs to work out on its own. France didn’t come in and do peacekeeping when the Confederances and Union soldiers were battling in Gettysburg. And if they had, I don’t think it would have resolved the conflict, do you?

    The people who lived in the British contrived and designed region called Iraq need to decide if they can live peacefully together. That is not our job. If we want to build some well fortified hospitals and treat the wounded, fine I guess. But playing referee in a civil war will just cause both sides to hate you.

    I can’t come up with words to address your response that your son thinks “the left” has hamstrung efforts over there. Given the left has no power at all, that all branches of government are run by the right, that every spending request has been granted, how did “the left” do anything? I’m trying not to come off as attacking your son, but doesn’t blaming the left for everything get old?

    The LeatherPenguin comment is incomprehensible…is it comment spam (seriously)?

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