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Fighting Ourselves

Untitled document This is highly ironic. I posted earlier about a school district in Texas that has chosen to teach students not to be passive if a gunman should enter the classroom. They are being taught to fight back. More … Continue reading

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Democratic State Rep. Suppresses Speech

Untitled document Assaults cockroach. Well, not really, it was actually a guy wearing a cockroach costume and wearing a mask with the face of Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Democratic state Representative Vaughn Flora assaulted said protester. Flora has turned himself in … Continue reading

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North Korean Fizzle?

Untitled document The US and China had both confirmed earlier that no radioactive particulate had been found in air samples, casting some suspicion on the claims that a nuclear test had been conducted by North Korea. There is new information … Continue reading

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Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor

Untitled document Where do we get men such as these? How do we deserve such men. On September 29th, 2006, Petty Officer 2nd Class Michael A. Monsoor, a US Navy SEAL, saved the lives of four of his fellow team … Continue reading

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Play Another Chorus Of Celito Lindo

Untitled document Ay-yi-yi-yi. A Republican candidate for Congress had the idea of seeing how good border security was with Mexico. So he sent one of his elephants into the Rio Grande (he had three, after all) accompanied by a six piece mariachi … Continue reading

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Playing With Fire

Untitled document For fun and profit. Big profit, in fact. 2.5 million dollars worth of prize money is up for grabs at the Wirefly X Prize Cup competition in Las Cruces, New Mexico. There will be rocket powered devices of … Continue reading

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Ban Confirmed As Secretary General

Untitled document South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon has been confirmed as the eighth Secretary General of the United Nations. Ban will take over from Kofi Annan on January 1st of next year. The General Assembly resolution was adopted by … Continue reading

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Fighting Back

Untitled document A Texas school district is training children not to hide under the desks if a gunman comes into the room. Instead they are being taught to fight back. This is believed to be a first nationwide. BURLESON, Texas … Continue reading

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Orionids Arriving

Untitled document Fragments left over from Halley's comet will put on a light show in the form of the Orionid meteor shower this month. Viewing this year will be particularly good since the moon will be new on October 22nd … Continue reading

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Bear Baby Barbecue

Untitled document A babysitter in Idaho found out that the local black bear population has decided it likes barbecue. She found this out when when a 422 pound black bear charged into the back yard where the three kids she was … Continue reading

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North Korean Fake?

Untitled document Both the US and China are reporting that they are unable to detect any radiation at all from the supposed North Korean test. Although that is not conclusive evidence, it is fairly suspicious. There should be some measurable … Continue reading

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Does It Help The Reception?

Untitled document Back in the old days of black and white televisions, when "television" meant two or three channels, most people had "rabbit ear" antennas perched on their television sets. The trick was to get those rabbit ears situated just … Continue reading

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Untitled document The Hartford Courant has an article detailing a couple of backfires that have caught the Lamont campaign in recent days when they went negative. They also report one they say is coming back on Lieberman, but it doesn't … Continue reading

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Shut Up And Sing

Untitled document This is actually kind of interesting. Reuters is picking up the story of Barbara Streisand's little incident where she told a member of the audience to, "Shut the **** up". But they are reporting fan reaction, not the … Continue reading

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Air America Files Bankruptcy

Untitled document The AP is reporting that liberal talk radio network Air America has finally filed bankruptcy. Most people who have been watching this have no idea how they avoided doing it earlier. The network had denied rumors just a … Continue reading

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