Democratic State Rep. Suppresses Speech

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Assaults cockroach. Well, not really, it was actually a guy wearing a cockroach costume and wearing a mask with the face of Democratic Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Democratic state Representative Vaughn Flora assaulted said protester. Flora has turned himself in to face criminal charges in the matter.

Democratic state Rep. Vaughn Flora, 61, turned himself in Wednesday on a battery charge filed Sept. 27 in the dustup during the debate at the Kansas State Fair.

Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue, and another man attended the Sept. 9 event while wearing cockroach costumes and masks bearing photos of Democratic Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who was debating Republican challenger Jim Barnett.

The costumes referred to Operation Rescue's criticism that under Sebelius, the state has allowed substandard conditions in clinics that perform abortions.

In their criminal complaint, prosecutors allege that Flora, who was also in the audience, made physical contact with Newman "in a rude, insulting or angry manner." Operation Rescue alleges on its Web site that Flora gave Newman a cut to the head as he tore off Newman's mask.

Let's make this perfectly clear: even more outrageous behavior has been commonplace on the left. Regardless of Newman's choice of costume (Mr. Flora referred to it as "outrageous") Mr. Flora has no right to assault him and tear the mask off. This is another case of what I posted about earlier today. Silencing opposition. It is originating on the left but is becoming mainstream as the Democrats embrace it. Bad for everyone, people.

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2 Responses to Democratic State Rep. Suppresses Speech

  1. Black Jack says:

    “It is originating on the left but is becoming mainstream as the Democrats embrace it.”

    I first encountered the Left’s strong arm brand of politics in college during the early 70’s. The college administration looked the other way rather than acknowledge let alone confront lefty misbehavior. Lefty leaders locked meeting room doors, brought in crowds to intimidate the student council, threw rocks to break dorm windows, and occasionally actually battered political opponents into submission.

    Of course, administration cowardice only made a bad situation worse. Once the thugs understood there would be no official notice of their crimes, and that repercussions weren’t an issue, there was nothing to hold them back. Eventually, the thugs started beating administrators who wouldn’t kowtow to their self riotous delusions of omniscience.

    The disgusting spectacle at Columbia last week seemed like old times to me. I’ve seen it all before. Same idiots, spouting the same lies to justify their denial of fundamental civil rights to to spokesmen for a political position they don’t want openly expressed.

  2. Sean Gatewood says:

    What do you wanna bet that the roach ran into Mr. Flora or was insulting him and therefore provolked the attack. Furthermore who presses charges against someone for pulling a mask off outside of Disney??

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