Does It Help The Reception?

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Back in the old days of black and white televisions, when "television" meant two or three channels, most people had "rabbit ear" antennas perched on their television sets. The trick was to get those rabbit ears situated just right so the picture was clear. Twisting and turning the way the antenna was oriented and raising and lowering the "ears" made it more like safe-cracking than entertainment. I remember one friend who's father put a piece of aluminum foil, twisted to resemble a metallic bow tie on one of the twin antenna. He said it helped reception. Maybe it did, I didn't really care if the picture was good enough to watch. So, aluminum foil, yes, but I have never heard of this particular aid to reception:

A Bra.

TOLEDO, Ohio – A teenager who put her bra on a car antenna before it flew off and led to a highway accident will be charged with littering, a prosecutor said. Emily Davis, 17, of Bowling Green, told investigators she took her bra off while her friend was driving on Interstate 75.

James Campbell, who was driving behind the girls, said he swerved to avoid the bra and his car flipped several times. Campbell, 37, broke a vertebra in his neck during the Sept. 26 accident. His passenger, Jeff Long, 40, broke several ribs.

A State Highway Patrol crash report, obtained by The Blade, said that the girls told investigators that before the accident the men were motioning to them to lift up their shirts. Both men denied making the gestures.

Davis will be charged next week with misdemeanor littering, said Tim Atkins, a juvenile prosecutor in Wood County. Atkins said he'll meet with troopers before filing the charge.

Let's see, he swerved hard enough to roll his car several times to avoid a bra? We could inquire as to the cup size involved here, but that would be rude. All I can say is I had an 8-point buck run across the road right in front of my car last night and I didn't roll the car. Leave skid marks, yes. Roll, no.

So inquiring minds do want to know if the radio got better reception. Before it flew off, of course.

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  1. Joab says:

    Yes, this happened very near where I work. As Paul Harvey would say, now it’s time for the rest of the story. The girls claimed that prior to the accident, the men were gesturing for them to lift their shirts and expose themselves. No mention of whether they did something themselves, prior to that, to entice the men.

    The real question is: Who swerves to avoid a bra?

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