North Korean Fake?

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Both the US and China are reporting that they are unable to detect any radiation at all from the supposed North Korean test. Although that is not conclusive evidence, it is fairly suspicious. There should be some measurable radiation leakage no matter how carefully the test was conducted.

WASHINGTON – Results from an initial air sampling after North Korea's announced nuclear test showed no evidence of radioactive particles that would be expected from a successful nuclear detonation, a U.S. government intelligence official said Friday.

The test results do not necessarily mean the North Korean blast was not a nuclear explosion, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to disclose the sampling results.


The air sample was taken Tuesday by a specialized aircraft, the WC-135, flying from Kadena air base in Okinawa, Japan. It apparently took the sample over the Sea of Japan, between the Korean mainland and Japan.

In Beijing, a government official said Friday that Chinese monitoring also has found no evidence of airborne radiation from the test-explosion. The official with the State Environmental Protection Administration said China has been monitoring air samples since Monday.

"We have conducted air monitoring and found no radiation in the air over Chinese territory so far," said the official, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly release the information. The official declined to explain how the Chinese monitoring was conducted.

The U.S. intelligence official said an initial result from testing of the U.S. air sample became available late this week. He said a final result would be available within days but the initial finding is considered conclusive.

It was not immediately clear whether the WC-135 took additional samples after the Tuesday effort.

It would be somewhat ironic if Kim was perpetrating a fraud and ended up under a virtual trade embargo under his own false pretenses. It would appear that a deal to place at least some sanctions against the rogue regime has been reached and sanctions may be signed off on as early as tomorrow.

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