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Untitled document I spoke with my son yesterday and he was telling me about the movie "300" and that we needed to go see it when it comes out. Then today, I find Victor Davis Hanson writing about the movie … Continue reading

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About Overplaying Hands Again

Untitled document The Republican party learned about overplaying hands when they went after Bill Clinton hammer and tongs by impeaching him. The voters became rather angry with that misguided bit of strategy and the Republicans paid a price for it … Continue reading

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The Sounds Of Silencing

Untitled document That's the title of Peggy Noonan's column in the Opinion Journal today. She describes four incidents that have happened in the last ten days where those on the left have silenced opposition speech. Most of those incidents were … Continue reading

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Return To Sender

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer gives advice on how to stop North Korea from proliferating nuclear weapons. Not disarming Kim, it is simply too late for that (and has been since the Clinton presidency). What Krauthammer does is hearken back to … Continue reading

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Untitled document Meaghan McArdle at Asymmetrical Information must have had a visit by the same flocks, er, folks, that came swooping in here and anywhere else where some questioned the Lancet "study" that claimed massive civilian casualties in Iraq. Just … Continue reading

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Wild About Harry

Untitled document Wow, the media is picking up the story about Harry Reid's lucrative land deal and running with it. The Philadelphia Inquirer has an editorial, the WaPo has one, too and it appears even more major newspapers a writing about … Continue reading

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