Jefferson Loses Democratic Party Endorsement

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Big news out of Louisiana. Representative William Jefferson has lost the state Democratic party endorsement. They endorsed one of his challengers instead. It is the first time an incumbent has failed to get the party endorsement.

BATON ROUGE, La. – The Louisiana Democratic Party turned down eight-term U.S. Rep. William Jefferson on Saturday and endorsed state Rep. Karen Carter, one of a dozen challengers who emerged after Jefferson became the target of a federal bribery investigation.

The State Central Committee's 69-53 vote, at a special meeting to decide whom to endorse in Louisiana's open primaries Nov. 7, was the first time in recent memory that an incumbent had failed to win the state party's endorsement.

Well, the state party appears to have some sense of decency even if the national one doesn't. Notice how everybody and his brother called for Ney to step down or how quickly Foley resigned? Compare that to Jefferson and his cold, hard cash. (Ney announced he is going to resign, by the way).

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