North Korean Sanctions To Be Voted On

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Surprise. John Bolton just announced that a deal has been reached and will be voted on momentarily.

UPDATE: And passed unanimously. North Korea blames everything on the US. Not surprising, so does our left wing.

Invited to join the council with his South Korean counterpart, North Korea's ambassador to the U.N. said his country "totally rejects the unjustifiable resolution."

Pak Gil Yon called the resolution "coercive … while neglecting the nuclear threat" he said was posed by the United States against his country.

He said that the nuclear test that was conducted on October 9 "was entirely attributable to the United States' nuclear threat, sanctions and pressure."

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2 Responses to North Korean Sanctions To Be Voted On

  1. Black Jack says:

    Yeah, well, I suppose some sort of resolution is better than no resolution at all, but a toothless display of international wishful thinking will not only fail to deter North Korea, but will also embolden Iran. Big talk and no action is what we’ve come to expect from the UN, and this resolution is true to form.

    However, Japan and South Korea will not sit still and allow the Nork’s to threaten them. Very soon, they too, will be building and testing nuclear weapons, and there may well be others in the region who will come to similar conclusions.

    But, things could be worse, Kim Jong-il could be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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