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Hubble Limping Along

Untitled document NASA engineers managed to get power restored to one of three detectors on the Advanced Camera for Surveys on board the Hubble telescope. If power remains stable for a period of time, observations will resume. Meanwhile, NASA is … Continue reading

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Equine Equality Eviscerated!

Untitled document The Port O'Call pub in Marshfield, England is setting itself up for the mother of all discrimination lawsuits. The new owners there are ignoring precedent and banning one of the regular, paying customers. Morning Mist has been kicked … Continue reading

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Untitled document This is terrible news! Probably the worst news of this election cycle, or the next! George Clooney has definitively ruled out entering politics. Clooney told reporters at a dinner honoring him on Friday night that he had no … Continue reading

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The Real Problem

Untitled document David Shribman has an interesting analysis up over at Real Clear Politics about the prospects of a Democratic takeover of at least one chamber of Congress. It is definitely something to think about. Because, as he points out, … Continue reading

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Animals Conquering New Orleans

Untitled document The animal uprising saw an opportunity and grabbed it. When people fled New Orleans, they animal legions moved in and occupied the territory. So now, whether it's alligators in the swimming pools, opossums in the houses or rats … Continue reading

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Russia And China Raise Objections To NK Sanctions

Untitled document At the least moment, Russia and China have raised some objections to the resolution placing sanctions on North Korea. US ambassador to the UN John Bolton says that the objections are technical and a vote may still be … Continue reading

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Foot Dragging Into A Bleak Future

Untitled document Gerard Baker, writing in the Times of London, foretells a bleak future because of the West's foot dragging and China's double dealing. Allowing North Korea to get a nuclear weapon means the future looks ever less bright. Stripped … Continue reading

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