When Bacon Goes Bad

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Carolyn Robinson of Totton, England is a nurse and a horseback riding enthusiast. She went out for a quiet ride in the New Forest with her teenage daughter. That's when it all started to go horribly wrong. Robinson saw a small car with a woman and her dog inside. Outside of the car was the problem. A very, very angry and very, very large pig. The pig was not able to get to the woman in the car, so it went for the next best thing.

A heaping helping of fresh nurse.

A nurse has spoken of her terror after she was attacked by a giant pig which charged the horse she was riding and then savaged her after she was thrown to the ground.

Suffering from broken ribs from the fall, Carolyn Robinson feared for her life as the enraged pig hurtled at her.

The ferocious beast, which she describes as "huge", mauled the 51 year old and snapped at her legs as she tried desperately to fight it off while lying prone in a quiet country lane.

The pig was eventually driven off by Mrs Robinson's worried teenage daughter, with the help of passers-by.

Animal experts say the attack could have been deadly as pigs have been known to become violent if they feel under threat or when protecting a food source or their young.

The animal is believed to still be on the loose in Hampshire's New Forest and police are urging people to be cautious and report any threatening pig incidents.

Mrs Robinson, of Totton, near Southampton, Hants, today described how she first noticed the pig while riding in the New Forest. The experienced horse rider said it initially appeared to be circling a white car parked on a verge with a woman and her dog inside.

Without warning, the pig then fixed her in its sights and suddenly charged at speed, spooking her horse.

"There was nowhere to go," Mrs Robinson said. "My horse spun around, started to panic and tried to run away. It then bucked, threw me and galloped off.

"It was then that the pig attacked me. "I got to my feet but the beast pushed me into a hedge and was trying to bite my legs.

"It got hold of my coat in its mouth. I had very little strength to fight it off because I was weak from the fall.

"It was terrifying. Ive never been attacked by anything before, let alone a pig. I didnt know how I was going to get out of the situation."

The bacon is going berserk in Britain. It's still on the loose, but it is probably Taser-proof, so the English are helpless against it. The animal uprising strikes again!

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  1. old_dawg says:

    The problem is that this occurred in England, where the pig has as many rights as the person. Down here in Texas, we’d have shot the critter and be making barbeque by now.

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