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Untitled document Party politics writ large. There is speculation that there is  a groundswell in the body politic in the US that will suddenly lead back to the promised land of a solid Democratic party majority. Well, promised land for … Continue reading

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Writing On The Wall

Untitled document In what I am sure she did not intend to be a funny post, Arianna Huffington wrote one of the funniest postings of the entire campaign season. She urges all the HuffnPuff faithful to help Ned Lamont write … Continue reading

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Great Write-Up

Untitled document Rick Moran, proprietor of the Right Wing Nut House, gets a really nice review from his local newspaper. In the Internet age, being a voice in the public square no longer requires reputation, pedigree or a D.C. address. … Continue reading

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“Dem Bones, Dem Bones Gonna Dance Around”

Untitled document Those are part of the words of an old traditional spiritual. Most people probably know the chorus: Toe bone connected to the foot bone Foot bone connected to the leg bone Leg bone connected to the knee bone… … Continue reading

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Untitled document Not In My Back Yard morphs into Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything. There is a controversy brewing up all over the country on building coal-fired power plants. There are literally scores of them in the planning stages. … Continue reading

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Venezuela Trying To Buy UNSC Seat

Untitled document Hugo Chavez is going all out spending his country's money trying to buy a seat on the UN Security Council. He has been throwing large sums of money all over the globe, trying to lock in support for … Continue reading

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Situation In Oaxaca Continues To Deteriorate

Untitled document The situation in the Mexican city of Oaxaca continues to deteriorate with what appears to be an outbreak of violence by citizens tired of the leftists blocking roads. A car full of men returning from a night drinking … Continue reading

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Earthquake Hits Hawaii

Untitled document Preliminary information says it was a magnitude 6.5. There are no reports of fatalities, only some injuries and landslides blocking at lest one major road. Power outages were reported across the state and there were unconfirmed reports of … Continue reading

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“Too Much Partisanship”

Untitled document The words of Joe Lieberman about the situation on Capitol Hill and the situation he finds himself in today, fighting for his political life as an independent candidate. The Hartford Courant has a good article that shows the problems … Continue reading

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Eco-Terrorists Renamed By AP

Untitled document The Associated Press is now informing us that "environmental activists" who break into mink farms and free the animals to suffer almost certain death are mere "vandals". Never mind the fact that the raids were planned and coordinated … Continue reading

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Failed Policies And Finger Pointing

Untitled document Jack Kelly, writing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has an analysis of the past failed policies that led up to North Korea getting nuclear weapons (assuming they actually have done so, of course). His opening lines set the stage: … Continue reading

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Balancing On The Pinhead Of The Week

Untitled document Mark Steyn's description of how some people see the vast iceberg of terrorism and the threat to the West. Not as 7/8ths hidden but as upside down balancing on the pinhead of Mark Foley. "Justice Department officials denied … Continue reading

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The Political Theater Of The Absurd

Untitled document Jules Crittenden has a piece in the Boston Herald that details how absurd the election season has gotten this year. I've mentioned the viciousness several times, Crittenden goes for the absurdity. That pretty well wraps the entire election … Continue reading

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The Buffet Of International Diplomacy

Untitled document Apparently, they just do things differently in the Middle East. Who Knew? Associated Press embarrassment of the day: Bon Apatite! (I am now officially dangerous. I can capture screen shots). UPDATE: Heh, they corrected it. So I can … Continue reading

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Widespread Panic?

Untitled document It's amusing in a way to see some of the reports about the elections that are coming out right now. It is also interesting to see some of the punditry about the news. The Washington Post has an … Continue reading

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