Eco-Terrorists Renamed By AP

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The Associated Press is now informing us that "environmental activists" who break into mink farms and free the animals to suffer almost certain death are mere "vandals". Never mind the fact that the raids were planned and coordinated to cause the maximum number of the minks to escape – so they could die in the wild. It's just "vandalism". Never mind that the people who own the mink farms have been financially devastated. No matter the terrorism, it can be explained away as "activism" or "vandalism".

The raiders — believed to be environmental activists — acted under cover of darkness late Saturday in three towns in Galicia, northwest Spain. It has about 80 mink farms.

At one of the farms, in the town of Muros, an estimated 5,000 mink were released from their cages and about 2,000 of them made it outside the walled farm compound, said local police official Maria Dolores Sendon.

The operation was so well organized that the vandals propped boards on the walls to help animals scale them and placed fish outside the walls as bait for them to keep going, Sendon said.

"This was not a prank," she said in a telephone interview. "It was very well planned."

The biggest breakout was at a farm in the town of Oza dos Rios, where some 11,000 of the animals were allowed to scurry out of their cages, and about half made it outside the walls, according to the farm's owner, Charo Carrillo.

The vandals tried to tear down the wall to facilitate the escape and when this failed they ripped off doors and set them up as ramps for the animals to climb, she told the national news agency Efe.

Carrillo said that most of those that got away will probably starve to death in a matter of days because they were raised in captivity and do not know how to hunt or fish.

Perhaps it is time to begin describing AP reporters as "alleged journalists". Although that might be giving them more credit than they deserve lately.

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