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Rick Moran, proprietor of the Right Wing Nut House, gets a really nice review from his local newspaper.

In the Internet age, being a voice in the public square no longer requires reputation, pedigree or a D.C. address.

It just requires enough gumption to get out of bed at 4 a.m., read the New York Times and dozens of other news and political sites, and write something everyone finds enticing, as one Algonquin resident has discovered.

Rick Moran – brother of "Nightline" co-host Terry Moran – is doing it daily with nothing more than a computer, a keyboard, a microphone and an eternal supply of opinions.

Moran was born in Libertyville and grew up in Mount Prospect. Some of his family still resides in Barrington.

On Sept. 23, the 52-year-old blogger celebrated the second anniversary of his site,, which now draws 2,800 people a day and has become one of the established names in the right-wing blogosphere.

Go read the whole thing, it's quite an interesting little piece on the blogosphere in general as well as on Rick. Congratulations, Rick.

UPDATE: See also: Brainster and Rick's place.

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