The Political Theater Of The Absurd

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Jules Crittenden has a piece in the Boston Herald that details how absurd the election season has gotten this year. I've mentioned the viciousness several times, Crittenden goes for the absurdity. That pretty well wraps the entire election cycle up, I think.

So what makes this situation absurd? Never mind suspicions that the nuke blast was faked with TNT, and let’s ignore Kim Jong Il’s bizarre demands for now. It is a mistake to enter into the logic of the insane or reward unruly children’s tantrums.
But let’s look at the loud protestations that North Korea’s entry into the nuclear club was not a result of the Clinton administration’s earnest effort to deal with a manipulative dictator. Instead, the Bush administration is blamed for taking a tough stand when North Korea had already violated its agreements.
Rewriting history to make yourself look better is one thing, but what is alarming and inexplicable are the calls to compound past errors with new appeasement. North Korea wants direct talks with only the United States, excluding four neighbors who have a major stake in the outcome and significant means to influence North Korea.
North Korea wants a big stage, upon which it can inflate its own importance and set up a good pratfall for the United States. And there are American politicians who want to reward Kim Jong Il’s saber-rattling by giving him what he wants. This is absurd.
Moving on, we have the matter of former Congressman Mark Foley, apparently overly interested in young male pages, whom he badgered with lascivious e-mails. Reprehensible behavior that led to his resignation, a House ethics investigation and an FBI probe.
Any suggestion that immoral behavior is limited to one party is absurd. Any suggestion that it is an issue upon which national policy and elections should hinge is beyond absurd.

Read the whole thing. This is a rotten election cycle any way you cut it. Maybe laughing at it is the only way to make it better.

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