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In what I am sure she did not intend to be a funny post, Arianna Huffington wrote one of the funniest postings of the entire campaign season. She urges all the HuffnPuff faithful to help Ned Lamont write his concession speech. Because, she thinks, that will help him win.

It's a truism in politics that candidates often give the best speech of their campaigns when they are conceding (see Al Gore, circa 2000). And it makes sense — after they lose, they're suddenly liberated from their handlers, their advisors(sic), and their fears of saying "the wrong thing." All at once, they remember to speak from the heart, summoning the passion and purpose that drove them to enter politics. And what a shame this is — because if only they'd spoken like this during the campaign, they'd likely be giving a victory instead of a concession speech.

So why not have Ned Lamont lock himself in a room and deliver his concession speech now so he can be freed up to act as if there is nothing left to lose between now and the election? Why wait for the inevitable post-game Monday morning quarterbacking when, with a little help from the blogosphere, the Lamont campaign can do some pre-game Sunday afternoon quarterbacking that might help get Lamont to the U.S. Senate?

At some point, Ned Lamont is going to speak from the heart, and tell us about his hopes and dreams for the country, and the passion that drove him to challenge Joe Lieberman when almost everyone said it couldn't be done. The only question is whether he'll do it now, and win, or do it on the evening of Nov. 7, as he thanks his crest-fallen supporters.

To make sure that Lamont never has to grit his teeth and congratulate Joe Lieberman on his victory, why don't we help write his "concession speech" now? Post your ideas in the comments section below and we'll cobble the best ones together and send the speech to the Lamont campaign.

You  know, I think a lot of political "experts" often are fairly dumb and tend to give their candidates bad advice. However, quite often, the "experts" are also right in keeping their candidates from running off a cliff. Huffington ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger a while back and had boatloads of passion. Which translated into about twelve votes when election day came around. Passion can help, but practicality is also necessary. Lamont has to appeal not only to the passionate, but to the hardheaded realists in the electorate. But by all means, please do carry on. It is amusing, if not really practical.

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2 Responses to Writing On The Wall

  1. I’m I reading this right…AH wants Lament to run harder to the nutsroot base???

    and tell us about his hopes and dreams for the country, and the passion that drove him to challenge Joe Lieberman when almost everyone said it couldn’t be done.

    Yes, I believe she is! One can only hope that not only Lament, but other members of the Democrat Party heed her advice.

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