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You Want Brimstone With That?

Untitled document It seems old Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad isn't really paying attention to how well his sycophant, (T)Hugo Chavez has been faring with his "Bush is the devil" speech at the UN. That is, not too well. Mad Mahmoud is … Continue reading

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The “Mercy” Of The “Activists”

Untitled document I posted yesterday about the people who the AP decided should be called "activists" and "vandals". You know, the ones who conducted coordinated raids on mink farms in Spain. They freed thousands of minks from captivity at the … Continue reading

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Emotional Overload

Untitled document I posted about Arianna Huffington's plea for the netroots to help write Ned Lamont's concession speech yesterday. Well, it seems the faithful have come through. In reading through this, I came to an epiphany of sorts. Something snapped … Continue reading

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Can’t Buy A Seat

Untitled document In the UN Security Council voting, things are still looking grim for Venezuela. On the sixth round of balloting, Venezuela pulled to its highest vote total of 93 to tie with Guatemala. By the tenth round of voting, … Continue reading

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Harry Reid Imploding?

Untitled document Well, probably not just yet, but his troubles are mounting steadily. Now it turns out he has paid Christmas bonuses for the support staff at the Ritz-Carlton (he has a condo there) with campaign funds. That is a violation … Continue reading

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About Them Chickens

Untitled document Paul Geary at The New Editor has a must read on polls, polling, election analysis, political punditry and pretty much everything else you need to know about the 2006 midterm elections. All the coverage you are seeing lately … Continue reading

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Royal Navy Cannot Support Blockade Of NK

Untitled document The once mighty British Royal Navy is unable to send any meaningful number of ships to support an interdict and inspect program against North Korea. Plans to impose a blockade of North Korea to prevent the regime acquiring … Continue reading

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If True, This Is Big News

Untitled document The Australian is reporting that Beijing appears to be considering backing a coup against Kim Jong Il. There have been unprecedented criticisms against North Korea's leader allowed on the internet ever since the nuclear test. THE Chinese are … Continue reading

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Iraq Body Count Denounces Lancet Study

Untitled document This is the end of any credibility in the Lancet "study" that pronounced massive civilian casualties in Iraq. This is a press release by none other than Iraq Body Count. It is devastating. A new study has been … Continue reading

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Venezeula Not Getting The Votes

Untitled document In the fourth round of voting, Guatemala still leads Venezuela 110 to 75 despite the switching of six votes. It seems increasingly likely that a compromise candidate will take the open UNSC seat. Guatemala, supported by the United … Continue reading

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Blocking Initiatives

Untitled document John Fund explores the growing tendency of judges blocking initiatives and referendums from state ballots. (I covered a similar analysis by Thomas Bray earlier this month here.) Fund doesn't approach it in exactly the same way, but the … Continue reading

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US Confirms North Korean Nuke Test

Untitled document The United States has released a statement that confirms there was some sort of nuclear device tested in North Korea last week. It was relatively small, and still may have been a fizzle. In a short statement posted … Continue reading

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And Yet Another Reason

Untitled document Here's yet another reason why the nutroots all-out assault on Joe Lieberman was a truly awful bit of campaign strategy. The incredible waste of resources. Lamont contributed $3,751,378 in the reporting period. Contributions from individuals totaled $1,091,766. Last … Continue reading

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China Increases Fence Along North Korean Border

Untitled document China appears to be stepping up its effort to build a concrete and barbed wire fence along the North Korean border. Although the project has been underway since 2003, progress appears to be accelerating in the wake of … Continue reading

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Untitled document Forget Godzilla (properly Gojira) or Mothra, the Japanese have something else to worry about now. Monster cane, a variety of sugar cane that is, well, monstrous. IE ISLAND, Japan (Reuters) – It is three meters tall and productive even … Continue reading

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