And Yet Another Reason

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Here's yet another reason why the nutroots all-out assault on Joe Lieberman was a truly awful bit of campaign strategy. The incredible waste of resources.

Lamont contributed $3,751,378 in the reporting period. Contributions from individuals totaled $1,091,766.

Last Friday, Lieberman's campaign reported it had about $4.7 million on hand heading into the last month of the campaign.

Lieberman's report showed he raised $6.1 million and spent $4.9 million between July 20 and Sept. 30.

Lieberman is running as an independent after losing the August Democratic primary. His campaign did not release a detailed breakdown of the donations, but he received nearly $5.5 million from individual donors and just over $632,000 from political action committees, according to the report.

The Lamont campaign said the candidate has contributed $6,252,878 himself to date. His campaign also said Lamont has received $2,758,174 from some 30,000 individuals through Sept. 30.

All of that money raised and spent to defend a seat that was safely in Democratic party hands. All that money that could have gone to other candidates. All the time Lieberman could not spend helping other candidates. <sarcasm> Absolutely brilliant. </sarcasm>

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5 Responses to And Yet Another Reason

  1. Dan says:

    Again, Ned Lamont is a tool.

  2. Gaius says:

    One of the few things we agree on, it seems.

  3. Black Jack says:

    Without making too much out of it, I’m a little bit troubled by the term “tool.” People who use tools, depend on tools, have considerable respect for them and don’t understand how anyone could use the word as a pejorative.

    Ned Lamont is using and being used by extreme elements in the Democrat Party, but calling him a “tool” to belittle him isn’t an appropriate use of the term. I know it’s currently fashionable, but using the term also tends to disparage workingmen who don’t deserve the abuse.

  4. Dan says:

    In the words of Sgt. Hulka, “Lighten up, Francis.”

    Should I be offended every time you all use the word “liberal” like one of the seven forbidden words?

  5. Bill Franklin says:

    I guess “puppet” went out of vogue with the disappearance of the Muppet Show and Howdy D…

    I don’t think the term “tool” is meant to disparage tools themselves — Lamont might be a very high quality ‘tool’…but rather the idea of people being used like a tool (as compared to being the craftsman who wields the tool) is disparaging.

    Not that I believe Lamont is a ‘tool’ by the way. I think Lamont won the Democratic vote because people are tired of the culture of corruption and complicity in BOTH parites. Yet another reason we need term limits. Funny you don’t hear Republicans calling for them now that they’re in power…

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