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Cujoronimo II: The Sequel

Untitled document All the way back in July, we brought you the chilling tale of Oskar, the hurtling hound of hell and his rain of terror in Sosnowiec, Poland. We use the word "rain" advisedly. For Oskar, despite the attempt … Continue reading

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“I Led With My Heart Instead Of My Head”

Untitled document The words of Lynne Stewart on how badly she handled her dealings with her client the "Blind Sheik", Omar Abdel Rahman. Stewart was convicted of helping her client transmit messages from his prison cell despite a hard ban on communications which … Continue reading

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Political Realignment?

Untitled document There are some people advancing the theory that if the Democrats take control of one or both chambers of Congress it will mean a fundamental realignment of the political landscape in this country. (I took a look at … Continue reading

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Asia’s Crime Boss

Untitled document Aaron L. Friedberg, writing in the Washington Post suggests how the rogue regime of Kim Jong Il might be convinced to give up nuclear ambitions. It would not be easy. Nor would it be by talking one-on-one with … Continue reading

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Chavez And The UN

Untitled document (T)Hugo Chavez has his big moment at the UN today, notes Jackson Diehl from the Washington Post. He starts off by saying he doubts that Chavez will get enough votes to get the seat on the UN Security … Continue reading

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