The “Mercy” Of The “Activists”

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I posted yesterday about the people who the AP decided should be called "activists" and "vandals". You know, the ones who conducted coordinated raids on mink farms in Spain. They freed thousands of minks from captivity at the farms. Authorities are not certain, of course, but the operation bears all the hallmarks of previous operations by the British Animal Liberation Front. Well, it seems that some of the "liberated" mink have been recovered already. About 6,500 were released and around 4,550 have been recovered so far.

Unfortunately, 70% of the recovered mink were dead. So far.

A total of 6,500 minks were released Sunday from captivity, according to Galicia's government, but with many enjoying a short-lived freedom. Roughly 70 percent of the 4,550 furry runaways recovered to date were found dead, authorities said.

Raised in captivity for their luxurious furs, the animals "aren't used to living in liberty" and many die of hunger, a government spokesman said.

Those who survive can become aggressive and dangerous to local fauna — including humans — "as they move around rapidly and they can bite," he added.

Those released are members of the American mink species. Their existence in the wild can also accelerate the disappearance of their European counterparts who, experts say, figure among Europe's threatened species, along with the Iberian lynx and the Mediterranean monk seal.

So, the "mercy" of the "activists" includes the death of the majority of the subjects they "liberate. And untold damage to the European ecosystem. In other words, advance your cause regardless of cost or benefit.

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