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Having Long Since Hit Bottom

Untitled document The left proceeds to dig a chunnel. The nation's self-proclaimed leading gay activist blogger launches an attack on Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Appearing on a nationally syndicated radio program, Mike Rogers made a claim – based completely on … Continue reading

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Dog Suicide Bridge

Untitled document A bridge near the River Clyde in Scotland not far from the village of Milton and the town of Dumbarton has been the scene of unexplained dog suicides for a number of years. The Overtoun bridge has become something of … Continue reading

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EU Trying To Seize English Channel

Untitled document The European Union is trying to accomplish what nobody has been able to do since 1066. Take control of the English Channel from Britain. EU Bureaucrats are trying to take over by declaring any waters between Britain and the … Continue reading

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The Newest Thing To Panic About

Untitled document Internet addicts! They're everywhere, they're everywhere! The United States could be rife with Internet addicts as clinically ill as alcoholics, an unprecedented study released suggested. Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine in Silicon Valley said their telephone … Continue reading

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Yes, Virginia, There Is A….

Untitled document Marlboro Man. And he tops the list of the 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived. And topping a list of "The 101 most influential people who never lived" in a book released on Tuesday is the Marlboro … Continue reading

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UNSC Election Suspended For 24 Hours

Untitled document Latin American and Caribbean countries have asked for a 24 hour suspension of voting after a second day of balloting did not resolve whether Guatemala of Venezuela would win the seat on the UN Security Council. The nations … Continue reading

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Will It Still Be LA

Untitled document Without any palm trees? It seems that many of the palm trees in Los Angeles are dying. The Canary Island Date Palms that were brought to the area a century or more ago are contracting a fungal disease. … Continue reading

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They Have A Season For That?

Untitled document Arkansas is just not like other places in the US. I know this for a fact. I once made a visit there. There were floods, tornadoes and forest fires. At the same time. (I'm not making that up). … Continue reading

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McMoby Burgers UPDATE!

Untitled document Good news for McDonald's which is facing increased absurd lawyer-driven pressure about its menu. They can start thinking seriously about replacing high fat beef on the menu with nutritious McMoby burgers, now that Iceland has announced it is … Continue reading

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British Berserker Bacon

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard continue to try to get people to pay attention to the oncoming juggernaut of the animal uprising. But do people listen to us? No. Not until it's just too late. We warned … Continue reading

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Untitled document The voting for the open seat on the UN Security Council appears deadlocked. Latin American nations are trying to arrange a meeting to work out a compromise candidate. Venezuela is balking at that, however, and says it will … Continue reading

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North Koreans Used Plutonium

Untitled document Not that I doubted it, but US intelligence sources have confirmed that the North Koreans used plutonium in the device they detonated (or had fizzle – that's still an open question). I don't agree with the intelligence assessment … Continue reading

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Why Counting Chickens ≠ Good Strategy

Untitled document Real Clear Politics has done some updates to their poll tracking. It does not paint quite the same picture of The Greatest Republican Disaster Of All Time™ that the cheerleading media and the gloating partisans would have you … Continue reading

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Survey Says: Germans Cry A LOT

Untitled document For whatever obscure reason, a German research firm has surveyed the people of Germany and discovered that they cry. A lot. 70% of German have had themselves a good cry in the past year. Eighty-eight percent of women … Continue reading

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What If You Had A Valuable Asset

Untitled document That is essentially worthless? That is the question facing the Marquess of Northampton, the supposed owner of the "Sevso Treasure". Although the Marquess bought the astonishing collection of Roman silver in the 1980s as an investment, it cannot … Continue reading

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