EU Trying To Seize English Channel

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The European Union is trying to accomplish what nobody has been able to do since 1066. Take control of the English Channel from Britain. EU Bureaucrats are trying to take over by declaring any waters between Britain and the continent as 'common European maritime space' and impose EU rules over British territorial waters.

The EU has been accused of a 'sinister' plan to abolish the sovereignty of Britain's territorial waters.

In what critics said would mean Brussels, rather than Britannia, ruling the waves, it emerged the EU is proposing a new 'common maritime space'.

Extraordinarily, sailing by ferry between Britain and the Continent would no longer be considered a trip abroad but a 'national' journey between two sectors of the European Union.

The EU says the plan is designed only to help 'simplify' trade around Europe.

But the proposals, being drawn up by the European Commission's transport officials, sparked outrage among MPs and shipping bosses.

They said it smacked of creeping federalism and another step towards a United States of Europe.

The prestigious 'Lloyds List' newspaper – the house journal of world shipping – branded the move 'sinister' and said it should be resisted.

Britain's mastery of the seas helped build the British Empire and was key to resisting all invasions since 1066 – from the Spanish Armada and Napoleon to the Second World War, when most of Continental Europe surrendered to the Nazis.

The EU plan is the latest in a long line of challenges to the Britain's maritime sovereignty.

It has opened up Britain's fishing zones to Continental rivals and sought to replace the historic 'Red Ensign' from merchant ships and replace it with the Euro flag.

One EU map of the UK abolished England altogether – showing Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – but reducing the rest to a series of English 'regions' without an country called England.

As part of the latest shake-up, plans have also been drawn up for an EU coastguard.

The shipping industry is concerned the commission will subsequently attempt to protect its maritime space by restricting journeys made by ships which do not fly the EU flag.

One wonders if the British Royal Navy had not been reduced so badly if the Eurocrats would be tempted to try this little stunt. Sir Francis Drake and Lord Horatio Nelson are reaching overload rpms right now. Jellico, Fisher and Churchill are close behind.

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