Having Long Since Hit Bottom

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The left proceeds to dig a chunnel. The nation's self-proclaimed leading gay activist blogger launches an attack on Idaho Senator Larry Craig. Appearing on a nationally syndicated radio program, Mike Rogers made a claim – based completely on anonymous hearsay sources, that Craig engaged in gay sex.

Rogers says that digging into the private lives of politicians who support anti-gay legislation is legitimate. Because Craig supported and voted for the Defense of Marriage act, it is politically relevant to reveal these claims, Rogers said. In a letter to Craig, he wrote: "What these citizens are not being told is that some of the politicians who want their help are or have staff who are part of the so-called ‘homosexual lifestyle.’"

Rogers reported that he took "trips out west and met with folks in the Senator’s region and in the Pacific Northwest" as part of his research. Rogers said he and his advisors are solid on the sources, but they would remain anonymous. Rogers said he tried to contact the Senator, but never got a response from Craig or his staff.

Offhand, I'd say Mike Rogers better have a really freaking good lawyer. Beyond the pale, this one is. To make a charge like this you'd better be able to produce evidence in court. Frankly, the radio show is probably also got immense exposure on this one. Craig is handling it as well as anyone could given the personal nature of the attack. Quite frankly, what right does this self-appointed activist have to damage other people? This all ties back to Foley and the grotesque overplaying of hands. The tactics Rogers are using are repulsive. They will repulse the people that he thinks he can sway. Watch for the backlash. And the process servers.

WORST campaign season ever. Period.

UPDATE: Others: Patterico, Confederate Yankee, Riehl World View, Captain's Quarters,

A additional note: That we are even having to discuss this angers me to no end. This kind of slime-slinging is, sadly, par for the course coming from the left this year. I have no idea if Rogers is the "leading gay activist blogger" or not. But he is the leading slimer this year. That a "gay activist" thinks being gay is a political liability that should bring someone down politically should say something. It does, but I don't think it is what Rogers thinks it is.

How do you shave when you can't look at yourself in the mirror?

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  3. syn says:

    To coin Camille Paglia’s assessment of gay activists: Dostoievskian anarchist.

  4. K T Cat says:

    Hey, baby, this is 21st century America. We’re all liberated from all those prudish notions of right and wrong. The real question we need to have answered is “Was it good gay sex?”

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