McMoby Burgers UPDATE!

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Good news for McDonald's which is facing increased absurd lawyer-driven pressure about its menu. They can start thinking seriously about replacing high fat beef on the menu with nutritious McMoby burgers, now that Iceland has announced it is going to begin commercial whaling again.

Iceland will allow whalers to harpoon a small commercial quota of 39 whales — 30 minke whales and nine fin whales — in the year to the end of August 2007. Fin whales are on a Red List of endangered species.

"The Icelandic economy is overwhelmingly dependent on the utilization of living marine resources in the ocean around the country," the Fisheries Ministry of the North Atlantic island of about 300,000 people said in a statement.

Iceland joins Norway in sanctioning commercial hunts of the giant marine mammals, often eaten as steaks. Japan, the other main whaling nation, says its hunts are for scientific research.

"We are ready to start hunts immediately," said Kristjan Loftsson, head of the Icelandic whaling company that received the hunt permit.

Whaling nations argue stocks have recovered since the International Whaling Commission (IWC) imposed a moratorium on hunts in 1985. Iceland said there were about 70,000 minke whales and 25,800 fin whales in the central North Atlantic region.

Environmental group Greenpeace denounced the decision and said the Icelandic commercial quotas were small, apparently to test international reaction. "I think this is just a test balloon," Greenpeace's Martin Norman said in Oslo.

Wouldn't that be "test harpoon"? Nevertheless, I commented about whale burgers here and linked an interesting counter-argument to the whaling ban people here.

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  1. Lars Walker says:

    At the fish market in Bergen, I once saw a tee-shirt that said (in English), “If we had dolphins, we’d eat them too!”

  2. BubbaB says:

    Mmmm… Whale blubber…

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