Survey Says: Germans Cry A LOT

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For whatever obscure reason, a German research firm has surveyed the people of Germany and discovered that they cry. A lot. 70% of German have had themselves a good cry in the past year.

Eighty-eight percent of women respondents said they have cried recently, according to the poll conducted by the GfK Marktforschung institute, the results of which were published Tuesday.

Almost half of their male counterparts answered in the affirmative.

Asked where and why, most said they have let tears roll at the movies or while watching television.

About a fifth said they have cried out of anger or frustration and eight percent admitted having been driven to tears by their lovers.

We here at Blue Crab Boulevard think people were covering up, though. They didn't really give their true reasons for crying. We're pretty sure we would weep, too, if we had to use a German toilet.

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2 Responses to Survey Says: Germans Cry A LOT

  1. Donna says:

    Now, the Aussies know how to design a toilet! I spend three months there, and wished I could bring home one of their smart toilets. Atop the tank are two buttons, one for disposing of yellow liquid by releasing half the tank’s water, the other button releases both halves of the water at once, for, you know, a stronger flush job to get rid of the smellier stuff. Such a great concept, yes?

  2. Gaius says:

    Heh – I have a faulty flapper on one toilet that does that all by itself! To really flush, you have to hold the lever down. I actually leave it that way because it is handy.

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