Boy Beats Beast

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The animal uprising is at it again. They've dispatched their aquatic shock troops to England this time. A young lad out fishing turned the tables on the agent they sent, however. He hooked the beast with his fishing tackle first.

He found he'd caught a Piranha.

A teenage boy has caught a deadly piranha while fishing in the exotic waters of … Stockport.

The man-eating fish is feared in its traditional hunting ground in the tropical waters of South America, but is less of a danger in the chilly ponds of Greater Manchester.

Josh Boyle, 14, was at his local fishing spot when he hooked the sharp-toothed predator.

He held it carefully at arm's length so his friend could take a photo, rightly thinking that nobody would believe his fisherman's tale without evidence.

He said: "My brother used to keep piranhas as pets so I know what they look like.

"I was shocked – but it was as shocked as me. It had big teeth but it wasn't trying to bite me and it looked pretty weak."

The lad threw his catch back in the pond. The pestilential pond predator promptly died of embarrassment because he'd failed to catch the boy.

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