Bolts From The Blue

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Australia reports that over 4,000 bolts of lightning struck all over the Southeastern part of the country overnight.

Senior forecaster Neale Fraser said the lightning strikes in the southeast corner of New South Wales state heralded the start of Australia's summer storm season.

"From now on, right through the summer, is the severe storm season. Certainly from October onwards until March or April next year is potentially severe thunderstorm time," said Fraser.

Forecasters warn that the bolts are the number one cause of brush fires. Or sometimes they crash through the roof and get stuck in the ceiling. Oh, wait – different bolt.

CANBERRA, Australia – A man who lives under a Sydney flight path was shocked when a bolt from an airliner crashed through his roof, according to a news report Wednesday.

Angelo Margiotta said he thought a bomb had exploded when the stainless steel bolt, which appeared to be about 6 inches long, struck his roof in the Sydney suburb of Five Dock on Wednesday morning, Ten Network television news reported.

Margiotta called the fire brigade and a firefighter found the bolt which had smashed two roof tiles and lodged in the ceiling.

Oddly, nobody has missed a bolt from any airplanes flying about the area. Maybe it wasn't an airplane at all.

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  1. old_dawg says:

    Is this as bad as the lumps of blue ice that fall from airliners sometimes? That happens when the drain for the lavatory doesn’t close completely and the contents “extrude” and freeze at high altitude. After a time, the lump breaks off and falls.

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