Life Catches Up With Urban Legend

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Many years ago, I first heard the story of the car. I have since heard it many times, always a bit different, the details change depending on who is telling it and probably on who is listening to it. The story was old probably many years before I heard it. You've likely heard a variation on the same tale.

When I first heard it, the car was a Porsche. The story goes along these lines. A young man reads the want ads looking for a car. He sees an ad that says something along the lines of, "Porsche for sale, low miles, mint condition, $25". The young man calls, intrigued, but quite sure the ad is a misprint. He talks to a woman and she tells him that the ad is indeed correct. She will sell the car, exactly as advertised to the first person to bring the cash.

He hurries over, and lo and behold, it is indeed a beautiful Porsche in mint condition. He pays the money, even though he thinks the woman insane,  and gets the car. When he asks why she would sell such a car for such a ridiculous sum, the woman tells him that the car belonged to her husband. It seems the cad had run off with another woman. Then he'd called one day and told his wife to sell the car and send him the money. Which she did. The car changes in the story, as does the sum of money involved. But you get the idea.

Well, life has kind of caught up with the urban legend. A woman in England is selling all of her husband's clothing along with whatever else was in his closet on eBay after she found out about his affair and he left with another woman. She is willing to take cash or a decent, single male in trade.

A dumped wife has put her cheating husband's entire possessions up for sale on internet auction site eBay.

The scathing advert brands the man she has lived with for more than 20 years a 'dirty little weasel'.

Alongside is a photo of his belongings which have been tossed from an upstairs window and are lying in a heap in the garden.

The fuming mother-of-two set no reserve price on the auction, but said she would take cash or swap the items for 'a decent single man'.

The seller from Keighley, West Yorkshire, named on eBay as 395edmondson, added: "These are all the items that were in my husband of six and half years, and partner for 15 years' closet.

"This includes tops, trousers, boots, socks, underpants and a few bonus items that he didn't have stashed at his new fiancee's house when I found out about the dirty little weasel's affair, though God knows how he was going to get married to her without me finding out.

"Some of these items might be slightly damp due to them having been chucked out of the bedroom window and sitting in the garden for a bit, since the cheating scumbag hasn't dare show his face since I phoned him, despite his bull**** assurances that he would visit our two young sons.

"I have since bagged them up and put them in the garage but they may smell a bit damp and mouldy because I sure as hell am not washing and ironing his clothes just in case he has to collect them. Due to this I may have to remove the listing at short notice, but am sure you understand.

"I would consider swapping for a decent single man."

I wonder how the story will sound the next time I hear it?

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