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Dow Booms Past 12,000

Untitled document The Dow Jones Industrial Average boomed past the 12,000 mark for the first time today. The economy is roaring along. Our internal politics focus on sideshows while ignoring the real successes out there. The index of 30 big-name … Continue reading

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Misspellings On Public Documents

Untitled document We reported a couple of days ago about a rather embarrassing omission that forced a Michigan county to reprint all of the ballots for this year's election. It seems they left out the letter 'L' when spelling 'public'. Ok, … Continue reading

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Rice Reaffirms Nuclear Umbrella

Untitled document US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reaffirmed that the US will use the "full range" of military options to defend Japan. That would be diplo-speak for the US will use nukes to defend Japan against any aggressor. For … Continue reading

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Lancing The Lancet

Untitled document In today's Opinion Journal, Steven Moore takes a hard look at the much discussed Lancet study that claimed astronomical numbers of civilian casualties in Iraq. As Moore says, it is not that anyone is defending any civilian deaths, … Continue reading

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The High Ground

Untitled document The Washington Post notes the new space policy that the White House announced this month. They make a great deal out of the sections that deal with a US rejection of any constraints on its actions in space … Continue reading

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The Problem With Believing Your Own Hype

Untitled document This IS the morning for questions, isn't it? Apparently there are enough insiders and Democratic operatives who think the party has an enormous advantage that they are pleading for huge gobs of cash to target additional House districts. … Continue reading

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Optimism Or Panic?

Untitled document Seems to be the morning for questions. The Hotline describes a loan the Democratic National Committee is supposedly taking out for the Democratic Senate Coordinating Committee. They report that a $10 million line of credit (give or take) has … Continue reading

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Uniting Or Dividing?

Untitled document David Ignatius asks a question in his column today that warrants some thought. In discussing the new book The Way To Win by Mark Halperin of ABC News and John F. Harris of The  Washington Post he reviews … Continue reading

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