Principle Ahead Of Self Interest

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I have stayed off the topic of the purported "outing" of a Republican Senator from Idaho other than my single post last night. The reason is that the accused person and his family are going through more than they should have to already and I did not really want to add any fuel. The MSM appears to be treating this crap as it should be, they are not picking it up, much to the dismay of the major league creeps who orchestrated it, I'm sure. But I revisit it only because Dean Barnett has done an absolutely fabulous writeup of why the left is so badly, badly misjudging the reactions to their slime trails among conservatives.

I haven’t heard from a single conservative who gives a hoot about Larry Craig’s sexuality. I assume he’s straight as do most readers, but the overwhelming sentiment we all share is indifference.

But this story is an important one because it reveals so many pathologies of the left. Sadly, the Larry Craig “outing” reveals what the left has become.

THE FIRST LEFT WING PATHOLOGY “OUTED” by the Craig story is the relentless meanness that characterizes modern day liberalism. This is an old topic, and doesn’t deserve revisiting. If there are still people out there who think lefties lose elections because they’re too gosh darn nice, there’s nothing left to say that will convince them otherwise.

More interesting is what this line of attack tells us about the left’s beliefs regarding the right. The left strongly believes that conservatives detest homosexuals and will be disgusted by the presence of a Lavender Mafia in the GOP tent. I can understand how they would reach this conclusion – certain chronic right wing embarrassments like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson have historically fed such a notion.

But if those on the left actually knew more practicing Christians, they would know that the stuff about condemning the sin but loving the sinner isn’t mere lip service. If the members of the left actually knew the people that they so casually and easily defame, they would also understand that infinite forgiveness is a hallmark of America’s Christian community.

In short, this entire offensive rests on notions hatched in the left wing echo chamber without any dissenting voices available to disabuse the strategists of the their faulty assumptions. If the left actually took the time to understand the dynamics of the community they so loathe, they would know that professional Outing Scumbag Mike Rogers will inspire the Republican base, not the opposite.

Please read the whole thing. It is exactly what I and others have been trying to get across. This strategy is actually backfiring on the left and they cannot grasp that. Because they do not really understand who they are dealing with. They have a picture formed in an echo chamber that is as realistic as Wile E. Coyote's pursuit of the Roadrunner. They actually cannot even grasp the concept that some people can – and do – put principle ahead of self interest.  

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One Response to Principle Ahead Of Self Interest

  1. Black Jack says:

    In order to recognize a quality in others, it is first necessary to have some personal acquaintance with it. Lacking that precondition, the principled behavior of another usually escapes notice, or seems contrived, or is somehow inexplicable.

    When Dems turned a blind eye to Bill Clinton’s scandals, one following on the heals of another, ad nauseam, they condemned themselves to a public and personal identity which placed hypocrisy over principle.

    Unable to acknowledge either Clinton’s crimes, or their own complicity, Dems were and are unable to see themselves for the morally bankrupt, vindictive, hate mongers they have allowed themselves to become.

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