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Well, so much for that idea. State officials in Nevada had the bright idea of keeping bears out of dumpsters. The idea is that bears who can get easy pickings like a nice dumpster full of garbage, won't work to get their normal eats. Needless to say, the bears didn't think too highly of the new requirement to have bear-proof lids on their fast food establishments.

A pair of black bear cubs got more than they bargained for when they went digging for food inside a dumpster at a Nevada campground.

The dumpster's bear-proof lid, which someone had left open, closed on the cubs after they climbed inside [image].

The cubs were discovered after their agitated mother and a third cub were seen patrolling various dumpsters on the site and calls were made to scientists at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and Nevada Division of Wildlife (NDOW).

Previous studies by the agencies showed that black bears with access to human leftovers will readily become "couch potatoes" that neglect foraging for their natural foods, which include grasses, berries and pine nuts. To avoid potential conflicts between human and bears, legislation was passed that required human trash be deposited in bear-resistant containers.

"Obviously, when the lids are left open, the dumpsters won't keep the bears out," said Jon Beckmann of WCS. The  Zephyr Cove Campground in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where the cubs were discovered, will be cited for having other dumpsters on site that were not bear-proofed.

See the way they blame it all on humans? They simply can't admit the ugly truth. Bears can pick locks.

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3 Responses to Bearly Able

  1. Carl says:

    What? The ACLU hasn’t filed suit yet defending the bears’ rights to go dumspter diving???? Someone’s slacking there!

  2. Gaius says:

    Give it a day or so…..

  3. Black Jack says:

    So, as a result of bear cubs getting trapped in bear-proofed dumpsters, the Zephyr Cove Campground will be cited for having other dumpsters which are not bear-proof and are thus presumably incapable of trapping bears.

    Obviously, some sort of PsyOps plan is at work here.

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