Big Game Hunting In Russia

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Allegedly, Russia has an unusual hunting season. Not content with the sorts of seasons American are used to such as "duck season" and "deer season", the Russians sub-divide it further. They appear to have a "drunken bear" season. And no, that doesn't mean the hunter is drunk, it means the bear is.

MOSCOW (Reuters) – A Russian region has ordered an inquiry into a report that hunt organizers, keen to make the King of Spain's chances of killing a bear easier, provided a tame one drunk on vodka, a regional spokesman said Thursday.

"The governor has ordered a working group set up…to check the facts published in local press about the killing of the bear," said a spokesman for Vyacheslav Pozgalev, governor of the northwestern Vologda region.

National paper Kommersant carried a letter from Vologda's deputy chief of regional hunting resources management, Sergei Starostin, which accuses hunt organizers of plying a captive bear named "Mitrofan" with vodka-drenched honey and then forcing him from a cage to be shot by Spain's King Juan Carlos I.

Apparently, this is the same kind of hunting that Leonid Brezhnev used to do as well. Although since he was reportedly unsteady, he may have been in much the same state as the bear. We here at Blue Crab Boulevard want to go on the record as opposing giving vodka-laced honey to bears. That's a waste of perfectly good vodka. We firmly believe the bears should have to find their own adult beverages.

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