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I really wasn't planning on posting again tonight. Some days it is like pulling teeth to find enough things to blog about. Other days, the floodgates seem to open and there isn't enough time to cover even a fraction of all the interesting stuff that is out there on the internet. Today has been a feast day with tons of stuff to read and post about. So I was planning to take it easy the rest of the night.

Then Dan Riehl had to go and post this.

While I've only been reading and writing blog-ish for two years, I have managed to figure out that Glenn Reynolds aka Instapundit is a Libertarian. And his seemingly now infamous premortem post – also see a follow up here –  is precisely what one would expect from Glenn – his objective, non-GOP gobbling point of view.

I resent the hell out of it when I fight with Liberals and they call me a liar when I mention I'm an Independent and always have been, since initially registering as a Dem for one election 20 some-plus years ago.

I'm a conservative (whatever the hell that actually means, because it seems to mean different things to different people) – Glenn is a Libertarian. I know popular Right-side bloggers who aren't even political beyond the War on Terror.

The GOP and the DNC had a pass during 2004 because blogging was just being discovered as a valuable political tool and the battle lines were clearly drawn among bloggers they sought to prop up. By that, I don't mean they weren't worthy of it, but they were propped up in some cases because they were churning out precisely what the GOP and the DNC wanted people to hear and they were elevated to the MSM, in part, because they were natural allies of individuals already there. That didn't mean those alliances weren't going to one day strain.

Alliance is not what blogging is ultimately all about, unless of course one wants to start a GOP or DNC fetish site to simply spout out the usual talking points. How boring is that?

By and large, most bloggers are just voters engaged in self-publishing, not in publishing for the GOP or the DNC. And both major political parties in America would do well to figure that out sooner, as opposed to later. To paraphrase my Mother, if Instapundit is going to jump off a bridge, (not that I believe he is) am I? Maybe, maybe not. Der Commissar, on the other hand, apparently already did. And good for him, that's the freedom of individual choice. And that's why most of us are here. If I wanted to be a GOP mouthpiece, I'd go work for the GOP. I imagine it pays much better than this.

Please go over and read it all. Dan got me thinking about all the commenters here from the left who cheerfully ask, in their most outraged voices, how much I get paid for posting some opinion that they don't want to read.

The correct answer, which they won't or can't understand, is that I get paid nothing for any of this. I pay out of my own pocket. I also find my own items to post about, I don't belong to a super-secret mailing list like Kos has admitted using. I have a very few fellow bloggers who email me about posts they think might interest me – as I send emails to them when I think I have written something I think they will enjoy, or that I am proud of having written.

But I don't get paid. I don't spout a party line. I've never belonged to a political party in my life. I write approvingly of a Democrat like Joe Lieberman even though he and I would disagree – sharply – on a number of issues. I write disapprovingly about President Bush's stance on illegal immigration. I criticize the left wing because I happen to think they are out of control and foolish. I mostly ignore the far right except to say that I am not fond of Ann Coulter. I berate the slime that call themselves a church (that would be the Westboro folks).

What I am saying here is that I call things as I see them. You may or may not agree with me, that's fine. If you read here because I amuse you, that is also fine. If you read here to "keep an eye on the enemy", as one person has said he does, fine. If you don't like what I write, fine. Go elsewhere. You won't hurt my feelings. But Dan's point is something politicians might really want to consider:

I can only speak for myself, but I don't pony up however many bucks and hours a month it is to serve the GOP. And if they want this blog to be GOP friendly, than as I am a voter, they had better set to figuring out how it is they can best serve me.

I think that's good advice.

For both parties.

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5 Responses to Dan Made Me Post

  1. BubbaB says:

    Well, Gaius, as I pointed out to DanS a while back, you spend the money, you take the time to do the research, so YOU get to decide what is on this site. And I must say, you do a dang good job at it!

    I agree whole-heartedly with most things you have to say. (I have never read Ann Coulter, but I have to chuckle when I hear you on interviews. She is rather amusing…)

    I am a registered Republican. I believe in the things the Republican party used to stand for: Small government, personal responsibility, strict constructionism, etc. I don’t believe that switching parties to the Libertarian party would advance the causes I believe in, especially here in New Mexico. And I still believe that the government has a responsibility to protect certain ideals and, yes, morals. I lean strongly towards libertarianism with regards to fiscal responsibility, but I think libertarians take the wrong approach with regards to social issues and foreign policy.

    I know there is a growing part of the Republican/conservative base that are concerned about how the Republican leaders have walked away from the core ideals of the party. I am one of them. Yes, we have a powerhouse economy, but our Republican congress has increased spending and taken on more debt than congress ever did under Clinton. The public EXPECTS the Republican party to be more ethical than the Democratic party. Is it fair? No, but we should try to be.

    I guess my point is, I know I won’t just get the party-line when I come here. That is one of the reasons I come here.

    Maybe we should start our own party, the “Blue Crab” party… Then the slogan can be, “A crustacean in every pot!”

  2. Gaius says:

    Viva La Blue Crab Revolucion!

  3. Black Jack says:

    I first came here to talk about blue crabs, it’s a topic which occasions much animated discussion in certain locals, and since I now reside on the West Coast, I miss the brogue and the easy camaraderie of the Chesapeake Bay’s watermen. The guys out here are OK, but it’s not the same, they don’t know how to talk right.

    However, my disappointment was temporary, I found a blog which covers a wide range of topics with insight and humor, one that isn’t overrun with nutty moonbats.

    Although our political outlooks are similar, I don’t always agree with Gauis. For example, I like Ann Coulter, and I’d pick up the tab for lunch any day, and I know several great spots on the water specializing in fresh seafood and ice cold beer. (Yes, I’m asking her out.)

    I’m a Reagan Conservative who is registered as a Republican. My support for the GOP is conditioned on their ability to advance conservative positions. I openly split with the party on the Harriet Miers nomination, and I oppose GOP spending, and any form or amnesty for illegal aliens.

    I don’t have much patience with Left wing lunatics or their idiot nonsense. I support the troops and I despise the socialist scum in this country working to undermine our national security.

    I’m shocked at the poor quality of today’s public education system and appalled at the numbers of dimwits who infest the teaching ranks of our colleges and universities.

    I consider the MSM in this country to be overwhelmingly anti-American, and I believe several writers and editors at the NY Times belong in jail, along with Bill Clinton and most of his co-conspiritors.

    And, I eat blue crabs by the dozen, and I’m greatful Gaius allows me to comment here.

  4. Gaius says:

    Thanks for the compliments, guys.

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