Dirty Bomb Threat A Hoax: FBI

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The FBI has released the man they interviewed about the internet threats of seven dirty bombs at NFL stadiums this Sunday. They have confirmed that the threat is a hoax and may yet charge the man they questioned.

The FBI made the announcement after agents questioned a 20-year-old Milwaukee man in an effort to determine who made the threats, which were posted on a Web site last week.

"The investigation has determined that this is a hoax. The public should be reassured of their security as they continue to attend sporting events this weekend," said the agencies' joint statement.

The FBI did not immediately say whether charges will be filed against the man they questioned. Milwaukee police contacted the FBI about the man Wednesday night.

"From the information we have, we believe he was involved to some extent, but we don't know at what level," said FBI agent Douglas E. Porrini. He added: "That person was released, but we're not saying that he won't be charged."

By all means, if he had something to do with it, charge him and anyone else involved.

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2 Responses to Dirty Bomb Threat A Hoax: FBI

  1. BubbaB says:

    It’s all a plot, I tell you!! When the FBI had this guy in custody, they anesthetized him, and implanted a GPS-based tracking device!! They are following him around this very moment, seeing who he talks to, and figuring out if he prefers boxers or briefs!!

    Whoa, sorry, need to lay off the Tom Clancy…

  2. Gaius says:

    Either that or start drinking heavily…

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