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“If You Want To See Hate, Disagree With A Liberal”

Untitled document The title is from the very first comment on this post over at Dr. Helen's site. The topic is commentary on an article in American Psychologist. Dr. Helen makes a number of excellent points: 1) Post comments around … Continue reading

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Should Tax Money Be Spent…

Untitled document …to save an ecological disaster from ecological disaster? Kind of an interesting question. The Salton Sea in Southern California was formed in 1905 when the Colorado river flooded. An agricultural dike failed and the resulting flood of water … Continue reading

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Last Gasp

Untitled document Tweet

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A Visit From The FBI

Untitled document This is interesting. It seems that someone came forward with information about the threat posted to use dirty bombs at NFL stadiums this Sunday. The FBI had  chat with whoever it was very rapidly indeed. The authorities continue … Continue reading

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What Was Missed

Untitled document John Yoo writes in the Opinion Journal what nobody seemed to pay attention to in the passage of the military commission bill. The left insisted on calling it the "torture bill", most on the right saw it as … Continue reading

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That Was Fast

Untitled document Back in May, I posted about an announcement that scientists believed they could create a cloak of invisibility. Guess what? They did. WASHINGTON – A team of American and British researchers has made a Cloak of Invisibility. Well, … Continue reading

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China Warns Kim?

Untitled document In what could be a very interesting development, China has handed Kim Jong Il a personal message from president Hu Jintao. The Chinese Foreign Ministry says the visit to North Korea by a delegation from China was "significant". … Continue reading

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Statue Takes A Walk

Untitled document Apparently, a 50 pound bronze statue of a nude woman got up and walked out of an art gallery in Orland, Florida. Mind you, it happened in broad daylight with people in the gallery. The statue, titled "Crissy" … Continue reading

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A Damaging Stalemate

Untitled document The Financial Times looks at the stalemate in the balloting for the open Latin American seat on the UN Security Council. They call for the Latin American and Caribbean nations to exercise political maturity and put forward a … Continue reading

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Left-Wing Savagery

Untitled document Victor Davis Hanson coins a new phrase to describe the hyperventilating hyperbole too many on the left are engaging in. He touches on quite a few items that have been the subjects of posts here and at many other … Continue reading

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IPods Come With Free IWorm

Untitled document Apple has just informed people that their popular IPods have been quietly installing worms onto computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. The problem has been around for more than a month. The worm installs itself on computers when … Continue reading

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Meritocracy On The Web

Untitled document The Washington Post has a longish piece on a new trend coming to the internet. Some groups are sifting though the enormous babble of voices that virtually inhabit the world wide web and finding the real experts. Some … Continue reading

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Untitled document George Will on the appearance every two years of Bill Clinton and other Democratic party doomsayers dispensing incredibly bad economic analysis as fact. His column shows why the economic picture is actually quite good despite the moaning of … Continue reading

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