Hiding The Truth

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We here at Blue Crab Boulevard continue to be the only source of Real Truth™ on the strange goings on all over the world. Not only the animal uprising, either. We also happen to be the only ones on top of the cover-up by all the governments in the world of the alien invasions. We told you about the attack on Christchurch, New Zealand but nobody listened to us. Now all of the residents of that city have been assimilated. We're absolutely sure of that because we have never talked to anyone in Christchurch. Never! Proof positive.

But now the aliens have branched out. They launched an assault on Bonn, Germany. And they burned an old man's house down! The authorities are covering it up, though.

BERLIN (Reuters) – A fire that destroyed a cottage near Bonn and injured a 77-year-old man was probably caused by a meteor and witnesses saw an arc of blazing light in the sky, German police said on Friday.

Burkhard Rick, a spokesman for the police in Siegburg east of Bonn, said the fire gutted the cottage and badly burnt the man's hands and face in the incident on October 10.

"We sought assistance from Bochum observatory and they noted that at that particular moment the earth was near a field of meteoroid splinter and it could be assumed that particles had entered the atmosphere," he said.

Lies, nothing but lies. We have again been extremely fortunate in obtaining a genuine Reuters Quality™ photo from the folks at Magic 8-Ball Photography and Blacksmithing, Ltd. This shows what that blaze of light was! It wasn't a meteoroid splinter! We must demand an immediate investigation! Before we are all assimilated.

UPDATE: They hit Chino, California, too. This time it was the ice ray. (Looks the same as the above only blue).

"It was a huge crash. It shook the whole building but we thought it was a car," McElroy said. The couple went outside to investigate but found nothing, so they returned to finish watching the movie.

They didn't discover the chunk of ice on the bed and the 2-foot-wide hole in the ceiling until Thursday morning.

"If I'd been looking at TV (in his bedroom) I'd have had it," he said.

"I think we had somebody extra looking over us," Evelyn McElroy said from her wheelchair Thursday afternoon.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor said Thursday if the offending chunk of ice is from an airplane, then it is likely the cause of a leak in a holding tank of the aircraft's bathroom.

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