Informer Nation

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Yes, you too can aspire to be an informer! Spy on people! Watch for wrong-doing! Make things up if you have to!Turn in your friends and neighbors! Or at least your friend's and neighbor's nannies.

Jill Starishevsky, a mother of two and a New York prosecutor, launched on Thursday, which sells stroller license plates that have a unique number and include the Web site address so the public can anonymously report good or bad nanny behavior.

The parents, who pay $50 for a plate, receive an e-mail alerting them to the report, which they access on the Web site ( using a password.

"It's a tool to empower the parents and to protect the parents and the children, it's not a tool to work against nannies. It's just a tool to give parents peace of mind," said Starishevsky, a lawyer who prosecutes child abuse and sex crimes.

Starishevsky said she came up with the idea after she saw a nanny in a New York city park who for at least an hour ignored the two young girls she was looking after.

"I was so frustrated," said Starishevsky. "How do I tell the mother that these kids could have run into the street, they could have been taken away at the hand of a stranger."

Kind of alarming that this is the idea of a lawyer. Not surprising, mind you. Just alarming. This seems appropriate:

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